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Day 355

It's Back-Crackin' Good

I went to see an osteopath. An awesome South African guy with a beautiful accent. Ah. Reminded me of home.

I'd been having such back ache for the past 3 weeks that it had gotten to the point I could feel pain in my ribcage whenever I'd breathe.

This guy walks me through what's going on, keeps saying that I'm hyper flexible for a 23 year-old and that I should use it more. Put the big lungs I have to the test and swimike more.
He did a lot of back and neck work with me and now, I am pain free for the first time in weeks! It's incredible! Hands of magic he has.

He said I'm eating just fine despite being practically vegan - he could tell I was getting enough protein just by touching under my ribs and feeling organs (which felt incredibly strange)! So tick that off the list.

I'm feeling much better about myself today after that. I need to run to the shop with Chip to find some toilet roll, if there is literally any left - crazy days we are living in. Might go to The Range and look at their art stuff. I love that place!

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