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Day 820

Things fall apart

The first day of jagged fear expressed in real anger. Beloved yelled at Sunny and his friend in the street. He told G to ‘#### off and don’t come back here until it’s all over.’ Sunny only came home yesterday. Until today he’s been mixing with his friends in Norwich. I thought it was okay for Sunny to walk with G in the fields so long as they stayed 2 meters apart. I told Sunny not to get into G’s car. He promised not to. And off they went in his car. I was out walking with Owl and Peachy. Beloved found out and the rest happened. It made me realise just how much Beloved fears for his life, Sunny’s life and all of our lives.

When I called Ma this morning she sounded extremely groggy. I wondered if they were giving her sedatives. She simply drifted off while I was talking to her. I called the home to ask them to check on her. Auria took the call. ‘I’ve just been in to see her. She shouted at me. So, yes, Mum is fine.’ ‘What did she shout?’ ‘I’m fine.' Auria’s not interested and can’t be bothered tobe kind.

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