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Day 2

In my own time

I had therapy today. Remotely, of course. Even though that is not a first for me and my therapist.
It was patchy and difficult at times with the connection cutting of and what not.
Ever since school closed last week I feel very reluctant to do therapy or processing. However, today therapy was good and it helped me understand that this reluctance comes from a place of survival very early on in my life, when expressing any kind of emotion or processing any feeling was not safe. This memory is so old that it was just a felt sense at the time.
It has been very useful though. Another piece of the puzzle. Speaking of puzzles, I bought a few puzzles the other day in the hope to keep me occupied during the times ahead.
I do like making puzzles and it has been a while since i made one so I am looking forward to receiving the delivery, whenever that is.
I have set myself a home office which I quite enjoyed today. I also have a case study to write and an acute lack of inspiration. Tomorrow I shall aim to get some sort of routine...

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