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Day 822

A bad ending

James and I removed Ma from H. A nurse gave me Ma’s meds and notes. I asked for the notes on her behaviour. I need to understand the problem. She said she would ask for them. She returned and said she could not get them for me. I remarked, ‘So who’s hiding things from who, hey? Ah well, not to worry. Thank you for trying.’

Eileen and Auria came and told me that I had upset the nurse by saying something was being hidden. My request for the notes was 'inappropriate'. I had been aggressive and rude and from the start I had lied to them. I said how could I as I had never been asked if Ma had dementia? She had been diagnosed days before. If they had not been able to have her for legal or insurance reasons why had they held onto her for these last weeks? In my opinion Ma’s dementia was in the very early stages, like the other 20% of the people in H whom she freely admitted had dementia, just that it hadn’t been officially diagnosed. I had not thought Ma would cause any trouble. They did not say goodbye.

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