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Day 440

40 years later, and I'm seeing her again....

It was my freshman year, and she lived around the corner from me in the dormitory. I met her at a get together the first day of orientation, and I was smitten. She had round features, dark frizzy hair which went down almost to her waist, and these nerdy glasses. She talked about silly things which she admitted she didn't understand fully, and for some reason, I did.

It went well at first; we went to art class together and she gave me a bong hit of hash on my 18th birthday, and we hugged a lot, but there didn't seem to be any room for romance. But we were 18, what did we know about romance?

We lost touch during college; she went her way, I went mine. 4 decades went by, 40 years. I was perusing the Times and there was an article about an elderly man who met an untimely death due to being pushed on the subway platform. And there she was, reminiscing about her stepfather.

I tracked down her email and wrote her a note of condolence. We're getting together tomorrow to meet and reminisce, 40 years later.

It will be the past, and it will last forever.....

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