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Day 4

drugs ruin lives. please, Say No.

When I was a teenager, I decided one day that I wanted to try ecstasy. There was no pressure, no reason, nothing. I just decided I wanted to do it, so I did. Fast forward a month: I'm getting high daily with some "friends" of mine. Two weeks later: My little sister is doing it, too. After a over three months of constant, heavy use (occasionally using harder stuff), we inexplicably stopped--just didn't feel the need anymore.
It wasn't so easy for my sister.
She continued to, on and off, for a few months. She doesn't do it anymore, but last year she started suffering terrible anxiety attacks. She had to pull out of school, withdraw from her life, and start over. Now, she's of legal age and loves clubs. She drinks a lot when she goes out and tends to get herself in a lot of trouble. She still has anxiety and is on anti-depressants and gets tattoos when she's stressed.
I love my sister. I see her spiraling out of control.
And I think it's my fault, but I'm the only one who blames me. I'm worried I ruined my sister's life. I'm so sorry. Please, be okay.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    91 months ago

    Guilt is a very, very destructive force. it may be very scary but have you told your sister this? It's one of the things that we all have to face up to at some point in our lives - saying sorry to a person whom we have wronged - because everyone makes mistakes.

    It also shows us how important it is to forgive others who wrong us. Is is so easily done - as you've found out.

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  • Huxley Huxley
    91 months ago

    I don't think you ruined your sister's life. Drugs are the same as alcohol - some people can pick them up and put them down and others go on to develop an addiction. If your sister is the in the second category, she would have found drugs/alcohol anyway no matter what you did. Luckily nowadays there are plenty of places where she can get help when she is ready.

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