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Day 113

5 Weeks left....

Well. This is it. I am on countdown. Just need to get my hospital bag finished and I am baby ready. Still has not quite sunk in yet that I am to be a mother. But this little wriggly life inside of me is all I can think about. I cannot wait to see this baby, to hold this baby. I keep going from scared, to excited, so overwhelmed. I am spending 80% of my time feeling uncomfortable. My sciatic nerves are killing me, my back aches. My nose is constantly blocked. But this little life is worth every sleepless moment, every twinge, every miserable second. I need to learn to rest, I only have this time to myself but doing nothing does not come naturally to me. I finish work on the 18th and all I have planned are dog walks and reading books. My life is about to change so much. My man and I are so excited, so beyond giddy some days. I am glad he is so involved, considering he has done this twice before, I was worried he would not be that interested. But he is and it makes a difference. Not long now....

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  • White Dog White Dog
    11 months ago

    Hope everything goes to plan. xx

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