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Day 7

Sex with my ex

So me and my boyfriend broke up like two months ago now. But the last time we had sex was probably 9 months ago or so (purely cause the relationship had just been going downhill).

Recently (especially when i'm lying in bed at night with too much time on my hands) I think back to the times when we were intimate together and I remember it being so hot. We might have had our differences but when we were physical there was just this immense attraction between us and well... I MISS IT :( not him, just that feeling of electricity. I know its crazy but im just scared im never going to have that feeling again with anyone.

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  • Oly Oly
    91 months ago

    I know exactly how you feel - I've thought the same myself! What I am starting to worry about is how complaisant I am becoming. Its been over a year since I was in a relationship - and I;m starting to accept that thats just the way things will stay!

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