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Day 10

Eye contact

I find it hard to make eye contact with people, especially with guys. I feel very weird if I make any eye contact with people and its noticeable that I feel uncomfortable.

For example, at work, we got few male colleagues and I still struggle to make eye contact with them. It always been like that since I was very little. I can remember at my birthday party (think i was about 4) and I avoid eye contact with boys who are older than me even they were opposite me at the table.

I feel awkward to maintain eye contact with other people as well speaking to them. I can't concentrate! Argh!

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  • Paul Keres Paul Keres
    85 months ago

    How odd our reactions to eye contact! I love eye contact, and making eye contact with a woman i do not know in a crowded room is a huge turn on for me, and makes me feel a bit powerless. perhaps if you knew at least some men feel this way will make you less fearful of eye contact?

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