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Day 274

A care home

Went to see Kitty in her new care home - very close to us now. They are not all demented in there so the ones that aren't are in hell. One man kept saying how he hated it there, how he wanted to leave, how much longer must he be there. They told him that he lived here now. He said, 'You call this living?' I felt indescribably sorry for him. Why am I here he asked? I never signed anything. They told him that he needed to discuss the situation with his son. Why should my son be in control of my life? Another guy wanted to move about and was struggling to get out of his chair. They simply tipped his chair back so he couldn't get out and cause a nuisance. It was as though he was trapped inside a cup like a spider. I wondered if the others had their tea laced with sleeping draughts. They were all dozy, sleeping in their folds of flesh.

We asked to see Kitty's bedroom which was nice and looked out onto a lawn. A pressure pad by her bed set off an alarm if activated at night.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    15 months ago

    And that's old age , it sucks ....

  • George Smith George Smith
    15 months ago

    I hope I have the courage to go to Dignitas before I can't make the choice. He's right - it's not living being incarcerated in such a place. That's hell. Not all old age is like that.... even so, it's a very hard time for sure.

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