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Day 50

A day in the sun CA and I

CA and I finally saw each other in Alicante.

It was a day in the sun. She was beautiful. She wore the make up I sent her. She beamed when I told her she was beautiful. She batted her eyes so I could see. My heart melted. I was a puddle.

We had dinner. We walked around the harbor. Had coffee. She laughs like an angel.

We made more and more plans for Egypt. Shes worried that if I stay longer than my alotted 3 months in the Schengen Zone I will not be allowed to return for the trip to Egypt. I am still reassuring her.

I was able to sleep well last night. The hostel in Alicante is very nice and despite the smelly room mates I got stuck with, I was able to sleep the whole night.

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