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Day 391

A day to be lived

If I had lived today like it were my last, what would I have done?

I would have slept really well " deeply. I’d get up to a sunny, warm morning " maybe looking out over a quiet beach in a hot country, or maybe up in the mountains. I’d either take a boat and check out the caves, swim in the clear water, watch the turtles, feel the sun and just be with my family; or I’d hike through deep gorges, across flower strewn meadows, up winding shadowed pathways, along the banks of a racing river. It would always be warm and I would be with all my family and they and I would be happy, comfortable, in the present " just there, enjoying the place, the views and the strength of our bodies. We would have good meals, good conversations, wine and cheese, candles in the evening, radiant sunset, the call of wildlife about us, but we would be safe and without anyone else about us. That would be my paradise.

I asked Peachy and she said she’d spend the day skydiving. I asked Beloved and he said he’d spend it #######. ‘####### lots of women?’ ‘No, just you.’

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