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Day 54

A Grand Tour

CA and I are becoming closer. We talked all day yesterday and she texted early this morning. She continues to fill me with so much happiness.

My thoughts are almost always on her. That is actually a blessing. I need something to keep my mind occupied. Tomorrow I have my monthly chemo infusion, Friday I see my surgeon to discuss more ####### cutting into me. CA is my only saving grace from this hell. Please don't fault my weakness dear reader. It is my very precious and only respite.

I have to hurry and do all the traveling I can before I can no longer do what I love. I have already booked my flight back to Europe by way of a week in Boston then on to Dublin and from there Bucharest.

I got to tell you guys about Bucharest!

From Bucharest on to Athens then to the grand tour of Spain and the Galician coast! And all ends with my trip to El Cairo with CA.

I will see La Fiesta de Abril in Seville and Los Fallos in Valencia. A charmed life, no? and of course, CA. My CA. How does it always come back to CA?

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