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Day 390

A happy boy, a relieved Dad, a "pit oot" daughter

A broken night's sleep led to delayed start to the day, but only 20 minutes late for bed shopping. My very generous family bought my son a bed, with a slide-out lower bed for sleepovers, new curtains and a lampshade for his new room. We'd agreed that I would buy the second mattress later, for the lower bed, but then they decided to buy that as well.

They then worked to build the bed from the flatpacks, so that everything was finished before they left.

My kids then worked together to move my son's clothes through to his new room, before the three of us tidied up what was now my daughter's room.

She was acting a bit out-of-sorts. I think she was a bit "pit oot" (put out, nose out of joint) with everything being done for her brother. I made sure that we had Daddy/Daughter time tonight, letting her know that she was still important to me.

I'm finding that I need to keep reminding my kids about working as a team to help us all. They're getting there, but still progress to be made.

Another good weekend. Looking forward to my son's birthday in a few days time.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    11 months ago

    I'm still having trouble getting my kids to work as a team. They are good kids, but like me they can be quite stubborn lol.

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