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Day 610

A mental day

Work was stupidly mental again. There were supposed to be 7 of us on the team, but 3 of them were rostered off. And a huge list of things to be done. As well as super slow workers who go slower everytime you tell them to hurry up, this madness has to end.

On a good note, I am seeing V on Saturday, we're going out with some of his friends for dinner and drinks, it should be a good night, im really looking forward to it. Then back to his for a sleep over, Yaaay.

I love weekends like this where I get to spend time with him. It doesnt happen all the time, but its great when it does. I think hes good for me.

Time to get some sleep. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all.xxxxxxxxxxxx

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