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Day 500

A moan

It’s a big problem that Ma is entirely dependent upon me for everything. If I don’t take her out she doesn’t go out, if I don’t feed her, she doesn’t eat, if I don’t make her go to bed and get up, she’d drift into a nocturnal life of wakeful moments, if I don’t keep pressing her to make an effort, she won’t. It’s difficult especially now as I want to concentrate on getting ready for all our different journeys, most especially the trip to Mexico. I’ve got to get the house ready for the family coming here and that’s a big job. Ma can’t do anything, she can’t lay the table because she can’t carry glasses or plates, she can barely water the garden with the hose because she needs her sticks to stabilise her, cutting flowers is difficult for her because she might fall into the flower bed. Her arthritis prevents all work with food, carrying a kettle of boiling water would be impossible for her and dangerous, and she can’t lift the 6 litre milk bottles out of the fridge.

I will make it through to October and then I will get help looking after her.

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