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Day 464

A most delightful evening

Nervously waiting outside a church. Not the usual thing that I do on a Friday evening, but certainly what I was doing on this particular evening.

Awaiting the arrival of a certain lady who I'd never met before. When she arrived, she looked at me nervously, as if unsure whether to approach and see if I was the man she was meeting.

Once we'd got that out of the way, I was struck by her appearance. Her photos on the dating app didn't do her justice, not at all. She asked how I was feeling, because I had a gum infection. "Nervous" was my reply. My stomach was unsettled. Either from nerves, strong antibiotics, or both.

Slim, elegant, with styled hair. If this worked out, then I was certainly doing well.

We went to a pub and found a table. With neither of us drinking alcohol, we were both able to be fully involved in the conversation. At least, until the music was turned up a bit.

It was a lovely evening and the time flew past. I walked her back to the railway station before heading for my car. I knew I wanted to see her again.

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