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Day 61

A new addition to my character description

Well its been a week and a half since my Dad came back home from hospital. Hes been a grumpy sod, and that's putting it politely. He sleeps all day, wont eat, throws up when he does and snaps at anybody who tries to tell him to look after himself.

At the start of this week his infection was re-occurring and I had to get him antibiotics, it got so bad that the district nurse had to call an ambulance out as his fever had gotten so high. The nurse, the paramedics told him that he needs to eat to give his body the nutrition to help fight the infection, but he refuses. Eat a mouthful or two then says he cant manage anymore.

He turns his nose up at any food and spends the days sleeping on the sofa.

Today I was told I look exhausted. I feel it. But what did surprise me was when I got told that I am effectively my Dad's carer. Well me and my Mom. Neither of us saw it like that. But it hit me like a tonne of bricks. My Dad is so bad we are his carers.

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