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Day 260

A rival

Yesterday I went for a perfect cycle ride - very up and down and beautiful on such a sunny fresh day. We were all happy to be there and together - our little group. When I said good bye, Domi gave me a really nice look, the kind of look that says, 'I like you and want to be your friend.' I hope I gave her the same look back.

I returned to find Beloved just about to leave with TM - a woman he works with. She's 42 and very attractive. She looked good in her sun glasses and bleached blond hair. Beloved was keen for me to say hello and make friends with her. I was less keen. I felt at a disadvantage in my cycling gear and out of sync with the two of them. He had wanted to invite her when I was around but I said impatiently that I didn't have the time.

They went off for lunch and didn't ask me to join them. I wouldn't have if they had. Afterwards Beloved was cock-a-hoop. I had the sense he's crazy for her. He'd tidied the whole house and himself for her, even made our bed.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    15 months ago

    It would have been nice for them to invite you for lunch. Maybe they will another time. Xxx

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  • George Smith George Smith
    15 months ago

    It's fine really - he would like me to be friends with her but I'm not so keen - and I had to have a shower and do stuff anyway. I shouldn't be jealous but am - ouch! xx

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