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Day 556

A rumbly day

A bit of a wasted day. Went all the way to a sea side village, Agios Nikolaos, which was then vetoed by Beloved as being too touristy and too modern. J’s recommendation. Not surprised. He insisted we leave within thirty minutes of arriving. We got back to the hotel at 2.30… went to lie by the pool in the sunshine but the wind swept in dark clouds and spots of rain. Now in our bedroom. Not so bad, in truth. Time to write and read and rest. Last night we went to our room at 8. I slept from about 10.30 after finishing my beautiful book (The Glass Room by Simon Mawer). Slept all the way through until 9. Beloved got up at 11pm and went out to read until 1am. He had two chocolate cocktails while sitting on his own. And even then he didn’t sleep properly when he did get back. So he’s been a bit grumpy today… or maybe it’s just me he’s pissed off with. He says so. But it’s only been a bit bumpy " no major crash. All good.

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