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Day 523

A sleepless night.

So the steroids that I took yesterday morning kicked in at around 6.30 last night. As well as feeling drained and also wired. I cooked the dinner and baked until 10. Youngest lad had a bakesale on in school. I had completely forgotten about. Youngest daughter helped with the baking and also helped clean the house a bit. She actually seen how nice it looks when it's clean. I think she's starting to get a bit of satisfaction out of doing jobs.

Had a run in with eldest girl over her not helping out. She went into a complete melt down and acted like, and I hate to say this but a complete princess. She expects money for different things and is going on a school trip which is costing me nearly a grand! But can't see why she has to do chores. She actually drove me nuts today. And I told her exactly why. I gave her time and space to cool off and she apologised. Which very rarely happens.

I'm off to get some much needed sleep. Nighty night all. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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