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Day 645

A tired tammy

I seem to have gotten rid of all unwanted attention. Mostly by ignoring them or blocking them lol.

Had a weekend away with some very close friends. At first I thought it might be a bit fractious, as a couple of people dont get on, and there is at least one drama lama in the group. But all went well, everyone was fairly well behaved, and I was surprised a few times by the peoole who dont get in, actually sitting down and having a good old chat. It was very nice.

Work has been a rollercoaster, litreally up and busy one day and dead quiet the next. Plus there are a lot of people having petty squabbles which brings the mood down. My course is going well and Ive even started applying for other jobs. Hopefully I will get one soon. But everything is starting to drain me a little now. I just need to keep going.

I hope everyone is keeping well. Sending lots of love, big hugs, and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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