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Day 204

A tired Tuesday

Another day of moving files and then filing bigger files. Do I care? Not really I get paid to do this and although it feels pointless and it will cause more problems its what has been decided. In this corner of the country a full time job, averagely well paid with so much holiday is gold dust. Most jobs you feel lucky if you have 16hrs down here, so that means at least two maybe three jobs for everyone who has to support themselves and is single. The only minority of the population forgotten about, standards of life for singles hasn't improved since the 90s, unlike couples, families or the retired.

I feel like its getting time to move and escape this end of the world once and for all. The things that kept me here no longer exist, that last reason faded with the loss of the little one from my life. It feels ok to move away and not like running away.

All I need now is experience of the jobs I want to apply for, then it might all work. I definitely don't want to get old in this county, its too full of old people as it is.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    58 months ago

    Have a look around Zeotrope, there might be sonething that offers you training while you work. X

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  • Lydia Lydia
    58 months ago

    Yes go somewhere nice where there are nice jobs, nice people, nice houses and be nice to them all xx

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