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Day 336

A wobble of popularity

Why do I think people don't really like me? Why should I think they do?

My boyfriend kisses me passionately and I wonder what he is hiding. How could such a cutie like this?

My friends hug me and seem pleased to see me. But I think it's all a ruse.

I don't know why I think this. I can't be all that bad. I don't think I am, actually, I just think others are better than me!

I show this exterior of interest and care, but inside I'm a burning pit of disinterest and distrust.

Maybe they are all out to get me. Ha ha.

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  • Rodeo Rodeo
    13 months ago

    Or maybe it's just Monday morning

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  • White Dog White Dog
    13 months ago

    I think many of us have an underlying feeling that we are not quite good enough at least some of the time. I would guess others see you as a strong, smart woman. X

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    13 months ago

    Yes it will pass. Just believe it you are a really nice person with lots around who love and admire You

  • Rodeo Rodeo
    13 months ago

    Thank you ladies

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