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Day 30

Against my better judgement

I feel something is amiss in life today.
Now I want a guy to call me for no reason.
I want to engage myself in an interesting conversation with him, filled with anecdotes, current affairs and in between, a few silly remarks, which we can both laugh at.
I want to be taken out on a date.To a planetarium, where we listen to astronomical wonders explained while holding hands in darkness.
I want him to open car doors for me without making it an obvious act of chivalry.
I want long distance to make our love for each other stronger.
I don't want him to show me blatantly that he likes me, that he needs me.
Partiality is accepted. Giving only me a bit of his pastry. Talking to me for a longer time than with others. Pulling me aside for my opinion about his new phone or asking my help to pick a gift for his sibling.
I wish to share a passionate kiss with him, the ecstasy of which must linger until we kiss next.I don't want him to be a prude!
I wait for him to tell me he is there for me and more importantly, mean what he says.

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