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Day 5

All done

So I did it. I went back to work and survived the whole day. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and i was pretty calm. Have been told what I'm doing after HT and I will be floating around having not too much responsability. I don't know why, but I feel a little deflated. Like I was there, but didn't really belong anymore. After the initial hugs and things it was like there wasn't much more for people to say to me. Or maybe I'm just being oversensitive. Life does go on and I'd imagine time for them has passed pretty quickly. The characters around me to tend to make me feel and appear quieter. Like I go in on myself when I'm really not a quiet person, I have plenty to say but maybe it's just that they are all pretty loud and out there. God knows. All i know is it's the right decision to leave in the summer and start afresh. I know who my friends are there and they still will be when I'm not there. End of an era I think....

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    86 months ago

    Im glad it all went well for you.....and yes life does go on. **Hugs**

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