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Day 34

All good things to those who wait...

...yet all good things must come to an end.

What a cruel twist of fate, huh? This relationship was wonderful for 2 months, but now it's run its course...I've been feeling it for weeks. do I do it? And I don't mean technically - the date is set and my reasons are solid. I mean emotionally. Where do I find this kind of courage? If we really wanted to punish people, we'd make them break the hearts of perfectly nice boys, whose only real issue is that they haven't become men yet.

...well, that and the severe ADHD. But that's not quite as sentimental.

Anyways, come Thursday, I will revert back to the lonesome bliss of solitude. Back to lonely weekends and the half-hearted mantra of "I'll just be my own best friend!"

It's funny...I expected myself to be upset by this, but the only thing that's making me sad is the prospect of hurting him. I'm not sad to see this relationship go...I'm just sad that I'll essentially be ruining myself for him. Soon I'll be a bitter memory, a dreaded ex, who only deals in broken hearts.

Save me from myself.

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  • Salt Lick Salt Lick
    69 months ago

    one thing that might help you is to focus on the idea that--if he's really that nice, or, well, unless he's a complete monster, actually--he deserves to be with someone who really wants to be with him. You're not keeping him 'out of the game' out of some overbearing idea that he couldn't handle you breaking up with him, you're setting him free to find the woman who will worship the ground he walks on. It's the kindest thing, really ;)

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