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Day 495


Ma went to stay with Teddy yesterday. She looked happy as she settled into his monster of a car. She will be looked after with great care. After all, Teddy hasn’t had her to his home in probably 18 months, so it is time he did something for her.

And we are in Amsterdam. It took us almost three hours longer than it should have because of weighty traffic all around Antwerp.

G, my new brother in law, sat next to us for supper and entertained us with the wonderful tales of his life: running away from the Indonesian police, escaping over roof tops; going with smugglers in Papua New Guinea to stop illegal logging in the dark of the night; getting arrested under water while diving in Australia. He worked for Green Peace as their IT Manager and got himself arrested more than any other member of staff in the South Pacific. Green Peace picks up the legal costs and he picks up the convictions. He’s been to prison a lot, but not more than a couple of days at a stretch which is lucky considering the dangerous situations.

Tomorrow we celebrate his marriage to S in Oz in 2016.

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