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Day 561

An artist, friend and family

Went to the Frieda Karla exhibition in the V & A. I met D there. I was struck by how beautiful Frieda was. More beautiful than in the paintings she made of herself. She is androgynous. I love the deep colours, strong images, strange hairstyles and clothes.

I had a good chat with D. She’s very happy as an artist. She thinks she’s going to be famous like Frieda and is worried that people might be looking at her clothes and personal things in the future. I found that incredible, that she actually believes she’s going to be famous. Maybe she will be. If so, a bit annoying as she gave me a cruddy painting of hers about 25 years ago and I junked it.

Buddy called me on the train back. I was grumpy with him. He was telling me about the party he’d been to the night before and having supper with P. I don’t want to know about his life. I want him to know about Ma and me.

G and family turned up around 8.30pm. Didn't need to give them supper which was a great relief. They are a very good-looking family.

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