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Day 54

An email to my brother:

It’s humorous that you voted for Trump *ON TOP OF* telling Ernie not to attend your wedding because he “acts too gay” ‘for Jenna’s family’. Yet simply because you live within 40mins of San Francisco, you consider yourself gay-friendly. Mom feels it should be easy for me to BE less gay, to “not advertise my gayness” because she is ashamed of me, and as if that weren’t enough she feels that I’m selfish for not giving her grandchildren. Dad is the biggest homophobe I know and makes ME feel uncomfortable when I’m around him, just like all our ignorant drunk relatives who pretend to give a shit about me.

And, you ask me why I respond with “Life is shit. I want to kill myself”?

Strangers have treated me better than family for almost 30 years now.

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  • Achromasia Achromasia
    28 months ago

    Well. Bring frank with you Frank, your family sound like a bunch of turds. Fuck them and their closed minded prejudice. I, personally, would fling a middle finger in the air at all of them (with as much camp flourish as I could muster) and dance off into the sunset. Who needs that shit?

    I want to apologise for that being blunt but people who are so violently opposed to something that makes fuck all difference to their lives but impacts so heavily on the happiness and joy of someone else's really make me angry.

    I also want to wish you luck but it sounds patronising as hell. That said, I wish you luck anyway as god knows how else to deal with shit like that x

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  • Blue Orchid Blue Orchid
    28 months ago

    I agree with A. SZ be happy in life. Don't expect your family to reciprocate in the way you want them to. Expectations hurt. Do what you luv and ignore them. Travel and see new places. There is a world out there to discover and happiness to be found in silly things :) You are loved and are wonderful as you are.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    28 months ago

    Thank you both. It's exactly what I needed to hear. You're both too kind :)

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