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Day 575

An old friend

Ma’s friend, C, came to see Ma. C lives in America and was over travelling about the place. She’s very softly spoken and kind. After much sweet talk she told Ma how well she was doing with her walking. Ma lost patience and cackled her hollow cackle in her face. ‘Am I doing so well?’ she shrieked, waving her arms about and nearly falling over. They were about to walk around the garden together. C did not go with her. There were tears in her eyes as Ma went out the door. I gave C a hug. She was being nice and Ma flung it right back in her face. Ma, on the other hand, cannot bear the patronage from someone she never particularly liked (whom did she ever like), whom she regards as her intellectual inferior, and now she sees before her travelling the world on her own and happy enough. Ma couldn’t stand her. C is far too capable and stupid for Ma’s liking. Also, she got along too well with Dad. I didn’t realise but she told me that Dad had confided in her years ago about whether or not he should leave Ma for Astrid.

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