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Day 616

and so I turn the big Six-O....

I arrived at the radiation oncology clinic at my usual time. I chatted with one of the technicians; she talked about retiring soon, I said I'd like to give it another 10 - 20 years and see if I could get "good" at my work, and she laughed.

A few minutes later, they called me in, but it wasn't for treatment: they sang "happy birthday," gave me hugs and treats to start my day. I was tearful.

It's my 22nd day of radiation; I have 22 more to go. I'm halfway there.

I saw Mr. Weeks, wished him well, and gave him the pack of ginger goodies I got for him: tea, chewies, hard candies, chocolates.... he was very happy. It's Mr. Weeks last day, so it's unlikely I'll see him again.

Son and I drove to the cemetery, a 90 minute drive. We talked a lot about our family, the grandparents he didn't know. At the graves, I took out the tallit I had made, and we wrapped ourselves in white cotton. I told him we couldn't pray, because you're not supposed to do it alone, so we stood and let our souls become part of the warp and woof of the fabric.

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  • Otter Otter
    6 months ago

    Happy birthday, Rav! I understand it's hard for you to celebrate, but I'm glad you had such a peaceful day and got to visit the resting place of your loved ones. I know I've always loved hearing stories about ancestors I'd never gotten the chance to meet. It's interesting to know how you came to be, and what it took for you to exist in this time, in this place. Much love to you on your special day!

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    6 months ago

    Happy birthday Rav
    Get a tattoo to celebrate the big 60....

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