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Day 18

Another Great Weekend

We'll talk about how I didn't accomplish half of the things that I wanted to do this weekend...the productive things. No homework, no cleaning the house, none of that. Well I cleaned part of the house and I went to the doctor as planned. So those are good things

The neighbor is the reason my cleaning got disrupted. I took a break from cleaning to tan a bit this Saturday. So I sat outside with my homework, started reading, when some guy was walking by my house keys all jingling. It turns out it was the neighbor and he welcomed himself right over. Laughed at my attempts at tanning. We went inside, had sex, played some video games, had more sex. ordered food, watched a movie, baked cookies, watched porn, had more sex. Started watching Mad Men. The roommates came home. Then A and C came over, lit up. I don't know what to do about any of that.

Went to Pride on Sunday with A, C, M and R. It was a blast. Drank too much, but definitely still had a good time. I'm terrible at getting women.

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