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Appreciative mother, but she made the roast?! The Irony!

So it was Mother's day in the UK on Sunday and I just think its another one of those days like Valentines days where its just commercialised to make loads of money. I love my mum every day and I dont need society telling me theres a specific day to appreciate her. Anyway I bought her a bottle of champagne, daffodils and some shorts knickers from m&s as she has problems with her back and is going to see a chiropractor where she has to be in her underwear. She thought she would buy some more covering knickers so she felt a bit more relaxed! She only bought one pair at first and though "oh no, he's going to think I only have one pair of knickers!" so i bought her some more. Thoughtful? Not really but she seemed to think so, thanking me all day over what a thoughtful present it was, and even a late night text (after drinking the champers) thanking me AGAIN! Alright mum, I know im a good daughter god! But ironically I sat on my arse all day whilst she cooked a roast dinner for me and my sister! Ha! Thanks Mum!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    90 months ago

    Haha thank you for making me smile ! :-)

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