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Day 415

Are you attracted to me?

she asks yesterday morning. This is a strange question, because we're lying in be together and my hand is resting on her firm ass. And the truth is this: sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not. The problem is that she wants me always to be attracted to her, but maintaining that kind of consistency is hard.

So why does it go up and down? Answers people? I got the same question from Charmante, who had this smokin' hot little body that I loved to touch, but even then, there were times when even I, a red blooded American male, just didn't feel like "doing it," maybe from fatigue or maybe I'm just not "feeling it."

I've been hanging with another woman as well; we've been out a few times and she's very different: born in West Africa, raised in suburban New Jersey, medical degree, tall, razor slim, beautiful smile, gorgeous dark skin, and 17 years young than me.... we've kissed a few times, and I must say, I am VERY attracted to her and she to me.

but I wonder if she'll be asking me the same thing in a few months, when the sparks are no longer there. What think you?

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  • Tammie Tammie
    9 months ago

    To be honest, I think we all go through phases of not wanting to. Whether its because of lack of attraction, fatigue, or other issues. And I think us women are all very similar in the sense of wanting to be wanted, it may seem vain or a bit silly, but its confirmation that we are attractive and, who doesnt like to feel attractive? So I think after some time we are going to ask that question. Xxx

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