Day 2


Last week was the week from hell.
I made the mistake of voicing my feelings and was instantly made to feel bad about it. Actually, scratch that - I don't regret it. But I may have over-reacted and started to look for another job, ha, mainly because I just don't tolerate that kind of behaviour. Especially from a grown woman my Mother's age. Then I woke up on Monday with a totally different mindset and realised, actually I really don't care. You want to give me the silent treatment? Darling, I'm the queen of the silent treatment. Bring it.
And just like that, the energy shifted. Harmony has returned to the office..
My lesson learned was definitely how I can control myself and my attitude and to keep things in perspective as there's alot more important shit happening in the world to worry about people at work.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    10 months ago

    If your mindset from Monday has created your better week, did your mindset create your week from hell last week?

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