Day 56


First man I touched and felt something for.
First man to sweep me completely off my feet by accepting me as I am.
First man my family truly wished would be with me and be part of our family.
First man I want to get into bad trouble for.
First man I wish I didn't have to lose, to another woman - and I will.
Babe, I love you so much.
I wish I could tell you but I cannot.
I'm doing my best to pretend to be carefree and see you happily walk on, but inside, it's killing me.
Every time you talk about your wedding, I die. My smiles ache.
For once, I'm not okay with being left behind.
For once, I've got it in me to fight for you. You're worth fighting for.
We fit together. Easily. Beautifully.
I know you want someone perfect. And I know I fall a little short of the bill.
That's the only thing stopping me from grabbing you and hiding you in my arms.
The fact that your happiness, with anybody you choose, matters to me.
I give a damn.
But watching you dream about someone else, hurts like hell.
That's why I'm coming on here.
Because, I love you.

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