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Day 304

Baby being a typical baby - playing dead!

I've just fed and settled a beautiful, alert baby with big eyes and s searching mouth. Think he is trying to show me he is fine. I had a real scare this morning. Woke up in a panic thinking he wasn't being very loud,w he usually is making noise an hour before a feed due to wind and poop rattling around his intestines; think he feels every move bless him. He certainly complains enough!
When I went to look at him he looked really pale and mottled. His face was lifeless. He was cool to the touch and completely unresponsive. I honestly thought he had died and I hadn't noticed. I flew across the room and turned in the light, starting to go into panic mode. My knees went weak when I moved his mouth and his tongue finally unlatched from the roof of his mouth and he woke up. I had to carefully move back to the side of the bed and rest my head. My heartbeat was rushing in my ears.
Totally scared Mamma

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