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Day 619

Back on "The Stick"

I have pretty brittle bones: over my 60 years, I've broken my right shoulder, had a bunch of "stress fractures" in my left foot, fractured my left tibia and once again my right knee is hobbling me after a fracture last spring.

So, I had to take out my "stick," which I call "Neil" or "Eileen" (depending on the day), and start hobbling around once again.

"Neil" (or "Eileen," depending on the day....) was found discarded in front of my friend's home. He grabbed it because he had a bad knee as well (which seems to be endemic around my borough), and then passed it along to me.

I wasn't a fan of his/her dull chrome surface, so I gave her a deep blue paint job and added some silver square stickers, which I am now decorating with a Sharpie....

So I hobble around, which is not so bad: people get out of my way as I amble down the sidewalk, and getting a seat on the subway is a little easier (this is NYC, after all: nobody likes to give up a seat on a crowded train...)

In 3 weeks, I'll probably be done with Neil/Eileen, and they she'll go back to the basement.

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