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Day 461

Back to the grind/The road ahead

Today is my first day back after a week off.

Whilst I was away I had 3 emails from my work bro, saying he missed me, didn't realise how reassuring it was having me here, that he had felt lost all week and could I not go on holiday again, which was nice.

I have been weighing up my options, do I continue with my search for a new job? or try and get them to see me differently/see if I can take on a bit more here. And when I say take on a bit more, I mean from the MD and his number 2.

The questions I need to ask myself are

Have I been here too long for them to view me as anything other than middle management?
Is this something I can turn around?

After so long here, should I think about moving as my only option for any kind of promotion?

I think whilst I am here, and maybe keeping my options open, I'd like to try.

Oh and there is the part of me that wants to stay and fight the bully manager, because no one else can/will.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    60 months ago

    You can always fight the bully manager while looking for something else. There is nothing worse than working for or with a tyrant. Been there done that, it left my soul in shreds. Xx

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  • Scarlett Scarlett
    60 months ago

    I had a manager here a few years ago, made my life a misery, I used to cry in my car on the way home. I am older and wiser now. And apart from the fact he probably earns a good £20k more than me, this manager and I are on similar levels. I don't work for him, I have more knowledge of the company and I also work more closely with the MD. I don't know if he sees me as a threat, but he should. I need to be clever though in how I deal with him. But he needs to watch himself, if I see or hear anything that is out of order, I'll have him!

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  • Lammy Lammy
    60 months ago

    Whatever decision you make you'll be fabulous in. You're a very likeable lady and obviously good at what you do! Wear a bit of red lip pie if you decide to take on the bully manager ;)

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  • Scarlett Scarlett
    60 months ago

    Thanks Lammy - I will! xx

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