Day 8

Back to the UK

On Wednesday, our flight was delayed for 45 minutes and we were both eager enough to have sex in the baby diaper changing place at the airport. When we got out of the room, the cleaning lady literally was smiling at us. At the airport in London, his baggage did not show up. We returned quite late to Reading and I stayed at my mom's place. Overall, it was a disappointment. All those things that I dreamed about to be there in Paris with him, all those romanticism, sitting riverby/in a park and kissing, playing with each other...My expectations were quite low actually, quite simple but still they did not meet thanks to his being a workaholic and not allocating enough time for me. Why the hell did he invite me to come and insisted on it? He told me that he wants to show me the places that he likes in Paris. It was our second time. At the first time, we went for a dance festival and we did not have time to see around together. It was way better than this one. At least he did not have to work. I donot know who/what is to blame.

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