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Day 572

Being grateful for Ma

I realised today what it’s going to be like when Peachy and Apple have left home. It’s going to be quiet and lonely. Peachy is living across the way dog-sitting for F. Apple sits in his room and pretends to study. Beloved sits in his office and is busy. I find I’m glad to have Ma around! I have someone to eat with and go out with " how about that! We are having a nice time together. On Thursday we went to the forest, on Friday the garden and today the castle. I asked both Peachy and Apple to walk with me but they wouldn’t. Tomorrow I might go to the gym.

Ma told me that Dad visits her in dreams but as soon as she reaches out for him she wakes. It makes me blurry eyed to hear this. She says that sometimes she is sad but mostly she accepts where she is and goes back to sleep. I wonder at this. I want to cry just hearing about it.

She came to me and told me how terrible it was reading about Brexit and I told her to stop. There’s no point. There’s nothing we can do.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    6 months ago

    Cherish every moment George with her
    The poem ,miss me now instead, constantly chimes in my head ....

  • George Smith George Smith
    6 months ago

    ... it's a relief to have reached a place of calm and friendship with her after such a very long long time. I think we both appreciate this time, unexpected and so good, even happy. Thank you, Bettedavis.

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