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Day 760

Beloved makes a stand

A rocky week. Beloved says Ma is controlling my life. He wants his wife and his home back. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with his mother in law. He doesn’t want her staying here until July 2021 as he had agreed. I have to listen to him. I suggested we look for a near by bungalow and get care in.

On Thursday we looked at a very grim little place and I decided she couldn’t live there. It would kill her. From my point of view it is definitely much easier having her here. But Beloved doesn’t want her in his house. He thinks he’s going to die early because of his leaukaemia experience. He wants the final years of his life to be with me and not me and my mother. He says that there are three people in the relationship and he doesn’t want that any more.

I don’t know what to do.

I called James. I wanted to tell him about the problems with Ma and Beloved. He was aggressive, impatient, contemptuous and arrogant. I told him this. I yelled at him. Told him I was utterly fed up his hostility.

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