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Day 542

Ben Nevis

Big day for me: walking up Ben Nevis. Yeserday afternoon Owl decided he would run it. It was only that challenge which would make it interesting enough for him to attempt it. So he did: in one hour and 40 minutes he was at the top. What a guy! Really impressed. And it took him the same time to come down.

It took the rest of us (minus Beloved of course) almost four hours to go up and three to go down. Apple slowed us down. I was grateful to him. His need for stops and slowness meant that it was easy for the rest of us. What amazed me was how there must have been about a thousand other people doing the walk with us. The stream of people was continuous. Not surprising as it was a gloriously sunny day so of course we all had to take advantage of it. But really fat people, old people and very young (aged about 4) were all climbing up there that day.

It was a great walk. I thought of Dad all the way. I couldn’t help crying. I wished he was with us. He would have loved that.

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