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Day 591

Birthday weekend

It was my Birthday yesterday. So on Saturday V took me out for the day. We went somewhere Id wanted to go for ages, and he booked on line so it meant we disnt have to queue in the cold for ages. It was very, very interesting and fun. We both learned new things. But mostly it was fun, I know this my seem strange but it was nice to go somewhere and not worry about the kids getting lost, or messing with stuff they shouldnt. He thought it was funny my reactions to different things.

Then later on he took me out to dinner. A lovely meal in my favourite restaurant. The only gripe I do have, is at one point his ex was constantly texting him with a trivial matter. And I know hes known her for a lot longer than me. But it kind of made me feel insignificant. I didnt say anything as i didnt want cause any friction. But there are times where I feel like im imposing. Maybe im being silly.

Hope everyone is doing well. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • I had a partner who was always texting while we were out at dinner, usually some trivial matter from one of her kids (who are both adults.) It drove me crazy, which is another reason she is my New-Ex. You're not being silly; talk to him about it.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    7 days ago

    Im not sure i should talk to him. I dont want to come across as the jealous, or insecure new girlfriend. Plus i know he has a history with her and they are still good friends. We were at his mums house when tjis was happening, and i think she picked up on how it was making me feel. She told him to put that thing away referring to the phone. And I know if she thinks he was being rude she will have words with him. But I dont feel its my place to, does that make sense?

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  • I don't agree: if he was really considerate, he would know that this kind of thing is totally inconsiderate. I only text at the table if it's something really important, and my ex doesn't really bother me at all. She's got to get her claws out of him. You deserve better.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    6 days ago

    Thank you Congenital. I think his Mam did have words with him. Im just back from his place and he wasnt on his phone half as much. But he has just spent the weekend with his kids, so that could be why. Usually his ex doesnt text him so much, it was just that she was having issues with her phone company and wanted to vent to someone . And all his kids are special needs, so if she texts or calls hes going to answer straight away. Its admirable in some ways. Xx

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