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Day 277

Blooming blossoms

When I drew back the curtains there you were! Beautiful, bubbling over with blue, rolling in the cold morning sun.The wisteria had come into full bloom while I wasn't looking. Behind, the tulips stood stock still with their trumpets in the air, bright yellow and red, with the same tune of joy. I jumped on my bike and soon we were all flying together, bluebells and dandelions dancing on the edge of the road, clouds of pink and white blossom bounced on the other side of the billowing bright green puffy hedges. Apple and cherry blossom, bird song, the low hum of a bi plane. The air was cold and sharp, the sunshine bright and full of promise. England, your time has come again.

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  • White Dog White Dog
    15 months ago

    What a lovely picture!

    My wisteria is just beginning to flower, I have a horrible feeling that the weather will change and ruin the beauty. The apple blossom is early and smells divine.

    I should take a leaf from your book and cycle in the morning to avoid the early season midge clouds!! x

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