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Day 351


Phonecall late evening. She gets passes to help her get back into the real world before she's discharged from hospital. The first will be for 2 nights at her Dad's. She then wants the future one to be at home. Needless to say, I'm not keen on THAT idea.

She seems to think that this is ok and says I'm the only person that thinks she's a threat.

The solicitor says that instead of a very expensive court action, they could write to her to give an undertaking not to come to the house.

I wanted to go into the hospital to speak with her, but then before visiting time started I was called by the holiday club as my daughter wasn't feeling well.

So, the conversation was by phone and didn't go well. I was told that I'd abandoned her to the social state and I'm keeping the kids from her.

Neither of those are true.

She's still belittling my concerns. It's only me that views her as a threat and I'm "projecting" that on to the kids, which she'd "never hurt".

My head hurts.

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  • Only Me Only Me
    13 months ago

    Plume, I have to say, you are coping so well with all of this. It sounds to me like your wife is gaslighting you. My ex did the same, everything is you, all you, never her. But she has her demons and you have yours. Stay strong my lovely, you are certainly doing the right thing and soon enough, there will be light at the end of the tunnel x

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