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Day 261


So we were on our way to the new build and I said we were driving past my house, he should come over for tea some time. He said sure and I asked will you actually? and he said, truth is that I won't.
I questioned it and was told that he just does not do it. Nothing personal...
Now he is a person with whom I get on great and we have deep conversations and share lots of stuff. In fact, he calls me his therapist for kicks.
So I felt sad when I heard that he wanted to keep the friendship at work. My mind was questioning the reason for it and what not and how I felt about it.
Then it came to me, he keeps his personal and professional lives as two parallel universes that should never collide in case he cannot control the situation or the outcome.
Another nugget came to me today after he confessed that he lost it for something.
He shows this front of always being calm and I guess that by setting rigid boundaries he feels in control at all times.
Well, I am not going to give up on this friendship and will respectfully challenge him.

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