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Day 199

Brother in law pt2

Then after the initial shock of my sister moving away. I started looking for a job. But my plans were scuppered. Mam had decided we would all move over to Ireland. Even though I knew it was hers and my Dad's dreams to move back, I didn't want to go. I was told by my Mam, "Either we all move over there, or no one goes!" I was trapped into doing something I didn't want to. I had to turn down a fantastic job, with great prospects for my family.

I felt stuck with no where to turn. While everyone was happy organising things I was made to feel guilty about not being excited.

My brother in law kept telling me it would all work out fine. He would say that being born over here.

After the move it took me 6 months to settle in and find a job. And because we were all stuck together things would get fraught. With my job there was lots of early mornings, a 4hour round trip commute and 8 hour shifts. I would get home wrecked at 7 in the evening and still be expected to entertain my 3 year.

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