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Day 55


So let me tell you about Bucharest. (I wont mention CA on this post)

It was a great and wonderful surprise. I found myself in Bucharest only because the fare was cheap and I had to leave the Schengen Zone before my time ran out. I stayed in Bucharest for ten days and they were anything but boring.

I met really great people there. I stayed in four hostels but two were my favorite. The Coziness and the Podstel Hostels. If you, for any reason at all, find yourself in Bucharst please be sure to stay at either one of these hostels. They are wonderful places.

I met CR, a wonderful and beautiful young lady. I have written about her in a previous post. And I met a group of really great guys.

Bucharest was gray and boring and cold but if you skwint and turn your head just slightly you will see a beautiful city that must be wonderful when the sun comes back.

I will be back in Bucharest in just a few weeks and will most certainly write about it again!

Wow! I managed to go six paragraphs without mentioning CA!

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